What Tools Does Any Expert Traveler Need?


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As a frequent traveler, you are constantly looking for new tools to take you off the beaten path and create a more worthwhile adventure. Equipped with a toolkit of traveler savvy tips, you will navigate any foreign place with ease better and avoid mistakes that can get you into uncomfortable situations.

What will set you apart from the amateur adventurers is both your level of preparedness and ability to ditch the tourist crowds for a more authentic experience. Guide books will only get you so far in a new place, but they won’t tell you how to avoid mistakes that can make or break your travels.

Here are some tools for all the nomads looking to upgrade their trips and get the best experiences out of their next adventure.

Join an online community.

A virtual community of expert travelers from all around the world is at your fingertips. Online platforms like Seeker provide you with a community of people to find tips and guidance for adventuring to a new place. A seeker will connect you with a vast digital network of like-minded travelers and locals with whom you can chat, from the backpackers to the fashion bloggers. Browse an assortment of articles for must-see spots and to-dos covering every region of the world, or sign up by providing your email, and you will be added to the community waitlist. Seeker keeps your circle small and exclusive to travelers with unique expertise in a region as an invite-only network. Even if you are traveling solo, you will never feel alone with an online group of experts to recommend the best places to stay, sites to visit, and hotspots away from the tourist crowds.

Capture the moment.

The best way to capture memories of your trips like an expert traveler is to invest in a high-quality camera. Products like the DSLR are the best to take your travel photography to the next level. Take your favorite memories from your adventures and share them with family and friends by printing photos. Take your loved ones there with you by giving them the most beautiful moments from your travels as photo gifts.

Personalize your gifts with your favorite photo memories on pillows and coffee mugs or as a calendar and photo book. Conveniently use the mobile app on your smartphone offered by photo print services like Shutterfly to browse hundreds of photo designs from canvas prints to collage prints, to metal prints, and more. No need to be a professional photographer; get high-quality prints from your trip developed for same-day pickup at a kiosk found at almost any CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens location. Let your family and friends share in that beautiful sunset or scenic landscape with a tangible gift they can cherish forever.

Pack the right equipment.

As an expert traveler, you don’t want to lug multiple different suitcases across every transportation mode. That is why it is important to invest in the right multi-purpose equipment to make your next adventure smooth and easy. Keep packing as light as possible and confined to one large backpack. Bring a few pieces of comfortable shoes and durable clothing that you can wash on your own and practical for any environment and climate.

Every expert traveler needs to invest in tools such as reusable bags, a moisture-wicking towel, an emergency kit, a suitcase lock, and other gadgets that will assist you in whatever circumstance. Document your travels with a journal and record every place you visited or special memory to look back on in the future and share with others. All these tools will keep you from making mistakes and giving you a lot more time to enjoy and cherish your adventure like a pro.

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