How to Elevate Your Road Trip Fashion


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No matter the time of year, there is always the wanderlust that urges us to get in the car or RV and head out on the open road. This year, many people are finally taking that exciting step to plan the road trip that they have always dreamed of, but maybe a little confused regarding what outfits and accessories are highways “necessities.” Let’s take a quick look at some of the easiest and most practical travel outfits that can help your luggage light.

Clothing Necessities

Since you’re looking to lighten your luggage on the open road, bringing fewer outfits might make you overthink your packing. Never fear. Even if it’s your first RV trip, you can knock those clothing options down to some stylish basics and feel like an old pro when it comes to those things you should know before your next road trip.


Since vacations can cause basic wear and tear on your clothes, aside from a blanket, you may want to opt for some versatile outfits on the more affordable side. For example, a road trip across the United States is a good time to use a “layered effect.” For a long time you’ll be in the car or any RV, pack a few tee shirts and tank tops of various colors: think black, gray, and tan, and NO prints or designs. These are your “base” layers that will help your style no matter your destination.

Next, pack one or two hoodies or similar long-sleeved shirts that can double as a light jacket. Now, you’ll be snuggly for those naps in the car or at a chilly campsite. And as for pants, ditch the denim from your wardrobe and think cargo shorts or capris and a canvas belt; those dozens of pockets are stylish but were meant for adventure. If you’re not too outdoorsy and campgrounds aren’t your thing, packing one or two maxi dresses can be the best way for a quick change at a gas station for those more upscale destinations.

Accessories and Footwear


Unfortunately, a long road trip across the U.S. isn’t the best time to show off that growing shoe collection. Plus, you still have to deal with rush hour traffic! For footwear, you can have your three basic options: sneakers for the car, flip-flops that be “dressed-up” quickly with the maxi dress for those sunnier road trips, and one pair of hiking-appropriate boots that look with your cargo pants. All three should offer you a smart and stylish look no matter the terrain, whether it’s a national park in the Pacific Northwest or any major city in America, and no matter the road conditions. Shopping out of season as opposed to new arrivals, you can get tons of discount options.

When it comes to accessories, a scarf or bandana that can be dressy or casual is perfect for adjusting for any look or style, so try and pack a few different colors, plus sunglasses that are practical if you’re the one behind the wheel. Plus, these can look great with a versatile pendant. Also, one small travel case with various jewelry options would make a lot of sense for those stops along the trip, although you may not want to bring your most expensive items, such as your engagement ring or anything with a genuine gemstone. Even if it’s a safe location, you don’t want to worry. Here, trendy costume items from the jewelry store, such as a new necklace or bracelet, always prove to be a best-seller, ensuring you won’t be terrified of damaging or losing prized possessions, such as a real diamond necklace. Different colors, such as ruby, emerald, amber, or sapphire, can be mixed and matched for all sorts of outfits and make the perfect pair for a special occasion dinner.

Outerwear for Any Adventure

Whether a long journey or a day trip, that hoody or shirt-jacket may not always be enough, so for the potentially fancy restaurant stop, one or two light blazers of different colors could prove to be a good idea. Additionally, this is the fun part of packing, as you can help match-up those outfits with the jewelry and even let those designs dictate some of your travel stops on your next trip.

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