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At Airports En Route, our mission is to help readers embark on unforgettable travel journeys and experiences. We feature some of the best places to stay and explore in the world. Travel is our specialty, and we can help you find your next big adventures.We believe in the spirit of exploration. Here at Airports En Route, we are inspired by the places, people and stories around us. We offer informative and inspirational articles for explorers, adventurers, and nomads. Our content introduces unique destinations and insider insight for everyone who shares our passion for travel.

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Emilio Allen is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Airports En Route. He previously worked as a reporter and assistant editor at Global Traveler, prior to branching out into his dream of founding his own travel and adventure publication. He has been passionate about travel and tourism journalism for over a decade. He has previously contributed stories to Travel and Leisure Magazine, as well as Wanderlust. When he is not traveling the world, his home base is in Seattle, Washington.

Favorite Adventure: “My greatest adventure to date has been traveling to 13 countries in two weeks. I was backpacking through Europe and wore out my rail pass from Spain, France, Italy, Germany Belgium, and more.”

Managing Editor

Sophia Potter is the Managing Editor for Airports En Route. She graduated from Colorado State Unviersity with a dual degree in jouranlism and media studies. An impactful college study abroad program sent her to Poland, thus sparking her lifelong passion for all things travel and exploration. She has written articles and contributed to various online publications about everything from travel adventures to pop culture, music, movies, and media. She currently resides in Los Angeles, but her heart remains with the mountains.

Favorite Adventure: “My favorite adventure is hiking every single 14er in Colorado. I have a penchant for taking on monumental physical goals, and I refuse to give up until I’ve accomplished it. I love the mountains, and will remember every second of those journeys.”


Olivia Wagner is the Editor for Airports En Route. She has an international business degree from Brown University, with a minor in journalism and creative writing. After college, Olivia embarked on a year long backpacking journey through Europe and Asia. Her first true love of destinations will always remain Southeast Asia because of this pivotal trip. Ever since she has road-tripped across the country multiple times, and now resides in Boston.

Favorite Adventure: “I will never forget my first time at the Chang Mai elephant sanctuary. For two weeks, I lived amongst the elephants, and assited the on-site staff with feeding, bathing, and cleaning after these special creatures.


Brandon Massey is an Airports En Route contributing writer. Born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona — Brandon loves photographing beautiful landscapes, sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag, and hiking breathtaking lands near and far. His two favorite destinations are Mexico City and Greece, although he loves the magestic beauty of the United States western desert. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, and will always love his home state of Arizona.

Maye Hayes is a contributing writer for Airports En Route. Maye originally hails from Prague, prior to moving to the United States to pursue a degree in journalism at the Yale University in Connecticut. She is an avid solo explorer, van traveler, skateboarder, and hiker. She runs an Instagram influencing other solo female travelers to explore the world safely. She currently lives in Santa Cruz, California, and her favorite travel destination is Iceland.

Dean Sutton is our newest contributing writer at Airports En Route. He is originally from London, England and he attended Oxford University. Upon moving to the States, he proceeded to explore nearly every National Park, with Yosemite being his long-standing favorite. He has a deep love for adventure, journalism, and creative writing. He lives in Salt Lake City, and his favorite destination is New Zealand.

When not contributing pieces to Airports En Route, Hazel Alvarado is a Lake Tahoe-based freelance writer and fine arts photographer. Her work has appeared in Forbes, SkyLife Magazine, Wayfarer, the Providence Review Journal, Frommer’s, and a plethora of travel books. Through all of her travels, her favorite destination will always be Paris, where she opts for gelato on a daily basis.

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