Unique Places to Visit in 2020


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Spring is quickly approaching and even though it seems like the year just started, it’s essential that you start planning your perfect vacation sooner than later.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there are a few travel trends paving the way for vacationers in 2020. Depending on your travel goals, there are a few big travel trends to consider:

  • Sustainability: More and more tourist destinations are listening to their consumers. The biggest desire? Sustainability. Travelers are more interested in staying in environmentally-friendly locations. Forbes notes that even big names in the game, like Marriott, has gotten rid of single-use plastics in their hotels. Additionally, travelers are looking for destinations using renewable energy sources, like solar.
  • Travel Alternatives: Few people want to pay for a rental car when they travel nowadays. Instead, many are choosing destinations that are easily walkable or feature intuitive public transportation options. If a city offers cycling with great bike paths, that’s another big pull for athletic tourists.

With these factors in mind, choosing the perfect, peaceful vacation destination should be a breeze. Here are some of the most unique travel destinations to consider in 2020.

Destinations in the US

While tropical destinations are all the rage, there are plenty of vacation spots that are a car ride away.

According to Airbnb, one of the top travel destinations in the US is Milwaukee, WI. Rentals here have increased by 729 percent and for good reason. As a smaller city, the roads are easily navigable and there are plenty of hidden paths to enjoy. It’s also home to one of the largest museums in the United States if you’re looking for a sense of culture on your next adventure. Milwaukee might not be your first choice to visit in the United States, but that’s what makes this location one of the most unique options on the list.

Across the Pond

Ireland has always been a top travel destination, but most tourists typically visit Dublin or its northern neighbor Belfast. If you’ve never visited the Atlantic-ravaged west coast, however, this one should be at the top of your list. Teeming with wildlife, gorgeous mountains, and breathtaking views, Galway is one of the Republic’s top cultural destinations. Better yet, the city is known for its walkability and rich marine history, meaning that there are plenty of walkways by the ocean.

In the summer, Galway also hosts one of the best derbies in the world. This means that foot traffic increases considerably, but it’s worth it if you like a slice of excitement on your trip.

Somewhere Tropical

Did you know that Bob Marley has his own museum in Jamaica?

Established in Marley’s former Kingston home, the museum is currently celebrating what would be Marley’s 75th birthday this year. If you’re a fan of reggae, there’s no better place to be in 2020.

Even if you’re not a fan of reggae, however, there are still plenty of gems in Jamaica to consider. The gorgeous weather, iconic beaches, and rich culture make this location a must-see. The island also offers some of the best food the Caribbean has to offer. If you’re a fan of mountains, waterfalls, and warm weather (Jamaica’s average temperature is 81 degrees Fahrenheit), booking a flight to Jamaica’s white-sand beaches is essential this year. With so many activities and places to explore, environmentalists and athletes alike are obsessed with Jamaica’s water sports, mountain hikes, and lagoon diving excursions.

Of course, the final decision is up to you. Now that you have some of the most unique places to consider, search for the right international travel insurance with iSelect. After all, you never know when poor weather or a sudden emergency could put your trip on hold. Be sure to protect yourself – and your trip – with the best travel insurance around.

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