Going to Germany: What to Wear and Where to Go


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Traveling to Europe is one of the best adventures you can partake in, and Germany tops the list of European countries to see. The country itself is large and the weather will depend on where you go and what time of year you visit. Much like America, Germany has four seasons, but with milder summers. If you are hoping to keep up with the trend you will be on par with most of the locals who enjoy taking their fashion sense seriously.

As in most other European countries, the local women will almost always be wearing chic, fashionable clothing. For the most part, day to day European style is a bit dressier than that of the United States. Dressy does not mean business attire, it refers to a more put-together, sleeker look.

Fall Adventures

You may want to figure out what to wear and match it up with what activities you want to do. Munich beer halls, or, for that matter, any of the German beer gardens, are a must-see and eatery experience. Germany is known for its breweries and its time-old tradition that includes crafting the richest and most delicious beers in the world. The country has made a whole month of partying out of it. We are sure you had all heard of Octoberfest! The festival is the world’s largest Volksfest and is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Millions attend from around the world to sample some of the best beer from Germany’s finest breweries. Don’t forget to pair that pint of Paulaner with a delicious pretzel when you visit the famous beer hall, either! You will find many attendees have dressed up in traditional lederhosen that includes knee-high socks and suspenders. If you aren’t into dressing up, you can wear normal clothes as well, but you will stick out like a sore thumb since about 90% of people do wear fancy dresses.

Spring Awakenings

If you are venturing to Germany during the springtime you will want to make sure that you have packed a travel-sized umbrella, since the weather is unpredictable. A raincoat is also not a terrible idea and can easily be packed in your suitcase. For men, it may be a little easier, since they can just throw a men’s travel t-shirt on and go. Layering is a brilliant idea for one minute it can be warm but the next a bit brisk. A scarf is also recommended for those windy days where you may be walking around. Buying travel clothes is a good idea when you’re traveling around Europe. These versatile garments match a number of outfits and make packing easier. Also, travel shirts are so comfortable that your travel shirt may just become your next favorite t-shirt!

Winter Wonderland

Winter in Germany, especially in Bavaria, is a magical wonderland. Most German cities will have a Christmas market around for weeks to mark Advent. Even though the markets started in Germany, you can now find that they are held in many other countries such as France and England. The tradition dates back to the Middle Ages and is a really fun time out. It will inevitably be bone-chilling with a possibility of snow. So, make sure to bundle up with some nice boots, a merino wool t-shirt, and a warm jacket. Gloves and a hat will also be helpful. Don’t forget to grab warm drinking some roasted chestnuts from one of the traditional stalls.

Summer Dreams

While summers in Germany may not reach the desert temperatures of the western United States, it can still become hot and humid. Every so often there is a little rainstorm but not for long. If you are choosing to travel in the summer it is a good idea to get an early start, especially if you are taking part in any tours outside. The hottest point of the day will be lunchtime, so it is a perfect excuse to stop and refuel. Pack some really comfy walking shoes, shorts, and a moisture-wicking travel shirt. A nice dress will also keep you cool. It is also a good idea to pack one pair of pants in case it cools down in the nights.

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