7 Things You Must Take With You on Your Road Trip


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It’s almost summer, and you know what that means—it’s vacation time! Travel restrictions may make it more difficult to go to the vacay destinations that usually top the list of hot spots, but maybe a road trip’s in order for you and yours. Traveling the country with your family is a great way to bond, see more of the country, and have unexpected adventures.

Getting ready for a road trip is different from packing up for a journey to the tropics. You have to prepare for almost anything because there isn’t much way of knowing what to expect. It seems like you always remember what “that thing you forgot” was at the exact moment you need it, right? Well, continue reading to learn seven things you must bring on your road trip.

Car Tool and Maintenance Kit

Before you go on a trip across the country, you need to inspect your vehicle and get a tune-up to make sure it runs smoothly. There’s nothing like having a breakdown or a blowout to dampen the spirit of your excursion. Also, double-check your car to make sure that you have a spare tire and tire iron.

You also need to bring a small car tool kit along with you to make sure that you can handle light repairs along the way. Depending on how far you intend to travel—and how you drive—there’s a good chance you could run into a minor problem or two.

You should also refill your window car’s window cleaner and bring extra cleaner as well as a headlight restoration kit. There’s nothing like dirty windows and foggy headlights to inhibit your night vision when you’re on the road. Keeping your headlights and windows clean is one of the best ways to protect your family on the road when it’s dark outside.

Prescriptions and First-Aid Kit

You should never leave the house for an extended amount of time without making sure that everyone in your house has any necessary prescriptions. Make sure you get refills on all of your medicines before journeying out and pack them ahead of time.

You also need to be sure to pack a first-aid kit. You should have adhesive bandages, gauze pads, medical tape, and pain and fever reducers. You may also want to bring some stomach relief medicine for your food adventures and Miracle Gummies to help you remain calm on the road. Few natural supplements can soothe stress-related anxiety without harsh side-effects the way CBD can.


You don’t want to be the know-it-all driver who gets your family stranded in the land time forgot and won’t ask for directions. Make sure that your navigational system is up to date before you hit the road.

If your car doesn’t have its own navigation system, then make sure you either buy a GPS or download a navigation app to your smartphone. These days, there’s no excuse for getting lost.

Mosquito Nets

There’s only so much of the great outdoors one can actually enjoy, and for many people, that line is drawn at mosquitos. If you plan on doing any camping during your road trip, bring mosquito nets. Even if you want to rough it, you’ll still want your sleep to be peaceful

Bug Repellent

Mosquito nets are ideal for when you’re camping out, but they’re not practical for all applications. Insect repellent is a must-have for any peaceful road trip. It’s a scientific fact that it’s harder for people to get along when they’re scratching and smacking mosquito bites.

Mobile Massage Chair

Before you head out on a lengthy road adventure, get a massage pad that will fit over your car’s driver’s seat. Sitting upright for hours while bouncing up and down over bumps and potholes can be torturous on your lower back. A massage pad will help keep the kinks away. However, you shouldn’t use the massage pad while operating the vehicle.

Portable Charging Bank

You may be looking forward to your time on the road as a time to converse with your family, but your kids may have other plans. Make sure you bring a portable charging bank, or two, to stem fighting over who gets to charge their device on the car charger.

The only thing more unnerving than the perfect silence of teen enthralled in social media is the burning glare of a teen with no device to hold their gaze.

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