3 Reasons Why You Should Make Time to Go on Vacation


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These days most people find themselves racing from one place to another in their daily lives. If it’s not the demands of a busy job with long hours and stressful expectations, it’s the juggling of time and running around chauffeuring kids to sports and activities. The truth is, the majority of folks today are over-scheduled and under-rested, making it that much more vital to find time for vacations.

1. Breaking the Monotony

Doing the same thing over and over again, day after day not only makes one’s life monotonous, but can lead to mild chronic depression, according to Psychology Today, which causes low energy, low mood, loss of interest, and general loss of pleasure. Making time for local getaways and trips brings balance to one’s life and creates joyful anticipation. Whether it’s a tropical resort setting on a Hawaiian island or weekend excursion to the mountains, vacations bring renewal to the mind and spirit for a healthier life. In fact, condo and townhouse rentals like Hanalei Bay Resort Princeville near the Bali Hai mountains in Kauai are becoming increasingly popular accommodations for couples and families looking for the feeling of a home away from home with resort-like amenities in a more private setting. Breaking the rut is easy when waking up in a tranquil setting with spectacular ocean and mountain views, providing an emotional reset for everyone.

2. Location Change Equals Perspective Change

An important benefit to carving out precious time for vacations is that it provides a change in location and scenery. While vacations come in all shapes and sizes and selecting destinations and accommodations is up to personal preference, the one shared similarity is that they all offer a chance to see different things, divergent environments, and in some cases, diversity of people and cultures.

A scenic cruise may define fun and relaxation for some, whereas a visit oversees filled with an itinerary of sightseeing, points of interest, and exploring metropolises is vacation paradise to another. According to one study, three days after taking a vacation, travelers reported feeling less anxious, more rested, and in a better mood. Additionally, the experience of engaging in varied cultures and environments can likely cause a creative boost, a great benefit for regular inclusion of vacation in one’s life.

Still for others, a fulfilling break from the routine need not involve venturing off somewhere far. Many couples and families opt to buy a second vacation home as a refuge for getting away from it all on weekends and school breaks. Psychologically, relaxation and leisure enjoyment come a bit more naturally in a weekend or summer home where work and extracurricular activities are not the focus, thus bringing about a more optimistic outlook and perspective when returning back to daily life.

3. An Opportunity to Reconnect with Loved Ones

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best reasons to make time for vacations is that it affords a definitive and planned occasion for reconnecting as a family and with loved ones. Today’s family dynamics with individual schedules and weekend commitments do not always allow for regular daily family bonding. Annual or seasonal vacations have taken the place of the evening dinner table meal for catching up and interacting. Recent years have seen an increase in families purchasing second homes, which are an ideal way to ensure that vacation time is continually on one‘s radar. Beach and mountain homes for sale are becoming more commonplace as leisure investments. Nearly 49% of vacation home buyers plan to use their property as a family retreat.

The quiet solace of natural surroundings away from the noise and stimuli of busy towns serves as a backdrop for good old-fashioned personal interaction. Ashe County Real Estate in North Carolina has experienced phenomenal growth over the past few decades as sales of mountain land, log cabins, and mountain homes have become more popular as vacation sanctuaries. Outdoor property space is a prime location to add tennis courts, a hot tub, or a pool for sharing time together and creating memories for years to come.

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