Top 5 Things to Do in Birmingham, Alabama


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If you are looking for a fun, educational, and affordable travel destination, then consider Birmingham, Alabama for your next vacation. While maybe not glamorous or exotic like traveling to Paris or a remote island in the Caribbean, the city does have a lot of interesting history to discover. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama with a population of almost 210,000

Once seen as a hub for the steel industry, Birmingham is now a multicultural center with a rich Southern history. The city played an integral part in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and that significant past manifests in various tourist spots throughout Birmingham. So if you are planning a visit to Birmingham soon, here are the top sites to check out while you’re there.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

In the heart of the city’s Civil Rights District is the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The museum contains exhibits related to the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and human rights struggles from that decade to the present day. The museum hopes to promote human and civil rights around the world through these exhibits and educational activities and foster cultural awareness and understanding with each generation. 

Birmingham Zoo

This family-friendly tourist attraction has 230 species of animals and receives half a million visitors every year. The zoo encompasses around 120 acres and is widely recognized for its animal conservation efforts and protection of endangered species—with animals from six continents residing there. 

Birmingham Museum of Art

For the art aficionado, check out this museum containing more than 20,000 impressive works of art. The Birmingham Museum of Art boasts various collections of artwork, but its most numerous collections are the decorative arts. The collections are mostly from Europe and America and house items like vases, vessels, furniture, silver, porcelain, metals, and textiles. 

Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

The 67-acre park is divided into three garden sections: Gardens of Collections, Gardens of Nature, and Gardens of Culture. Here, you will find gardens of various types including a Japanese garden, rose garden, herb garden, lily garden, iris garden, and even two gardens specifically for rhododendrons. 

Ruffner Mountain Nature Center 

Birmingham doesn’t just offer great urban destinations but is also home to some incredible natural beauty as well. For a break from the city life, explore the hiking trails in Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. The mountain was once home to several mines, so as you wander the area, you may find mining equipment and quarries scattered about. For other outdoorsy activities, check out Birmingham’s other parks such as Red Mountain Park, Railroad Park, and Oak Mountain State Park

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