Tips for driving in Queensland


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When driving, it’s best to obey the rules of the road, wherever you are. Driving safely ensures that you’ll get to where you’re going on time, and in one piece. Another thing to take into consideration is that if you don’t follow the rules of the road, there’s a good chance that you’ll fall on the wrong side of the authorities.

You’ll also need to remember that driving in one particular area will not be the same as traveling in another. For example, driving along the busy city streets of New York City will be completely different than driving across an Australian outback. In addition to learning the official and local rules of the roads for each area that you’ll be traveling in, it’s also good to get tips on how to drive in their different environments. For today, we’ll check out some tips on how-to drive-in Queensland, Australia.

Car Insurance


In order to drive, you’ll need car insurance in QLD. It’s best to consult a leading insurance provider and find out which coverage or policy will work best when traveling across Queensland. Do you need collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, travel insurance, roadside assistance, or liability insurance?

You want to find the best deal when looking through different insurance companies, or finding a new insurer for car insurance. Not all types of insurance are the same, so it helps to work with auto insurers to make sure you’re getting the correct insurance policy for your trip. Once you choose your insurance company and speak with a leading insurance provider to get the best car insurance, you can hit the road to travel to Brisbane in that new car of yours.

Buckle Up

Putting a seatbelt on when traveling across Queensland is mandatory and is strictly enforced by the authorities. The penalties in Queensland for not wearing a seat belt, (for both motorists and passengers) can result in some pricey fines. If a driver fails to wear a seat belt when driving a vehicle that has seat belts, this can result in a total of 3 demerit points, plus a $378 fine. If you are a repeat offender within a year of receiving your first offense, the fine and demerit points are doubled.

Across Australia, seatbelts are saving lives. One study estimated that 40 unbuckled heavy vehicle drivers died on Australian roads annually, in the years leading up to 2019. Seat belts are shown to have been able to prevent or reduce the injuries suffered by truck drivers in at least 60% of those accidents. Approximately 20% of drivers and passengers in standard vehicles, were killed in collisions where they weren’t wearing seat belts.

Bring A Map/ GPS


Queensland is a great state for tourism and has no shortage of places to visit. Whether it’s Brisbane City, Palm Cove, Longreach, or Springsure, you can choose several locales to see and experience. Road trip adventures can be a fun break from life. With Queensland being the second largest state in Australia, it would help to make sure you know how to get from point A to point B.

The state is a massive 1.85 million sq km, but don’t let the size overwhelm you. If you invest in GPS systems for your automobile, then there’s less chance of getting lost on your Queensland adventure. GPS systems are installed in most current model vehicles, but you can also purchase portable GPS systems for your ride, and even use mobile app GPS systems.

Lastly, having an old-fashioned paper map on hand can be extremely helpful with traveling. In case your GPS systems fail, you can use a map to find out where you need to be.

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