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Cross-country road trips are a rite of passage for any serious traveler. Driving on the open road can be a liberating experience that provides peace of mind and food for the adventurous soul. But a long road trip can easily become a series of worsening complications without the right preparation beforehand. Do your due diligence to get your vehicle in order before you set off and the memories will last a lifetime—for all the right reasons.

Think about renting a larger vehicle.


Most of us drive trucks or compact cars. The Ford F-Series trucks have been the most popular cars in America for the last 40 years, and the remainder of the list is populated mostly by smaller sedans or other five-seaters. Neither may be the best choice for a cross-country trek. Trucks are notoriously bad on gas mileage while providing neither the comfort of an SUV or crossover nor the interior storage space to protect your baggage and valuables from the elements. Likewise, a compact car may provide great value on fill-ups, but lacks the storage space and roominess of other models. Renting or buying a new RV or towed compartment to add sleeping space and even bathroom facilities may be a great idea when planning your trip. If you think an RV might be the right vehicle for you, don’t forget the RV Warranty along with your purchase.

An RV warranty adds peace of mind while you’re putting in long hours out on the road. You may be surprised to discover that you can get an RV warranty easily, which can allow you to rent or buy that RV without worrying. That way your journey down the open road will be covered for any mechanical failure, major repairs, or even medical expenses that you may incur. You don’t want to have to worry about those on your trip, after all.

Upgrading to a larger vehicle also allows you to share the trip more comfortably with friends of the family that will be joining you, while also allowing each of you your own personal space to escape the common area for those much-needed moments of introspection.

Keep up with routine maintenance.


It’s a good idea to keep up with your routine maintenance during normal use, and it’s even more important ahead of a long trip down the open road. Small details can make all the difference in your adventure—tire pressure and alignment, an oil change just before hitting the road, and even new windshield wipers will all make the experience that much more enjoyable when you finally do strike out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Keep a toolkit handy.


Obviously, any vehicle needs a roadworthy toolkit, but to truly make your adventure special, you will need to add a few extras to account for the unexpected. Packing medical supplies for any cuts, scrapes or other injuries is essential. You never know when someone may need a band-aid or some aloe vera. You might be hundreds of miles from the nearest town, making even the smallest of issues into a major worry. Additionally, you will want to bring extra pillows, sleeping bags and fold out chairs. Some of the best night skies in the entire world can be found in the barren landscapes of North America, miles away from civilization. You won’t want to miss the views just because you forgot to pack some comfortable lounging gear. Don’t worry too much about repair costs—as long as you’ve outfitted yourself with an RV warranty you should be fine. Just make sure you have basic tools on you and some chairs for stargazing.

Get your insurance in gear.


When you set off on your adventure, make sure you take the time to prepare with comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy and the right added gear to really make the trip a time to remember. Camping and driving through the open areas of America is something that so many people dream of, and yet so few actually have the chance to do. Make the most of your vacation around the most beautiful places in the nation.


Whether or not you plan to make the switch, keeping updated car insurance is a must. Not only is it illegal to drive without insurance coverage, but it will also save your hide in the event of an accident or breakdown on the road. There are so many options for insurance coverage out there, it makes sense to use an online comparison tool to compare different auto insurers and RV insurance plans. You can check by an insurance company (like Geico or Liberty Mutual) and you can make sure that you’re covered for roadside assistance so that you don’t find yourself stranded on the side of the road somewhere. Make sure you’re getting collision coverage and an affordable rate on your premium with an online comparison tool like the one offered by iSelect so that you know you’re getting a good deal on auto insurance coverage ahead of your great adventure.

Then head out onto the road and breathe that open air. You’ll never forget your cross-country road trip, especially if you come prepared to enjoy it properly.

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