4 Reasons To Move to Oregon


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Have you been thinking hard about moving to another state for a while now? Would that state happen to be Oregon? For years, Oregon has been considered one of the top destinations to move to in the United States. If you’ve been searching for a job position and your job hunt led you to Oregon, type up your resume and cover letter, send in that job application, and start looking for a lender to help you find a rental property or become a property owner yourself, because you’re going to love Oregon.

However, if you’re still looking for things to triple-check before applying for a new job and still need to talk to the hiring manager, or you’re worried that moving to Oregon and becoming a property owner isn’t for you, hold off on that cover letter for the position. Instead of typing up your cover letter and searching for a lender, read on below for a few of the best reasons to move to Oregon for your new job to be revealed.

1. Educational Opportunities


From attending an Oregon public charter school to the ability to attend many colleges and universities, Oregon gives residents many ways to get and further their education. If you have children and want a better life for them educationally, you should consider moving to Oregon. Oregon State University is the highest-ranked academic institution in the state, and anyone would be proud to say they graduated from that fine institution. If you need a reason to pack up your bags, print out that cover letter, and accept a job in Oregon, the fine educational opportunities for not just your children but for yourself as well could be great motivation.

2. Jobs/Booming Economy


It has been said that Oregon has the healthiest economy in the nation. While at one time, Oregon’s economy depended mostly on its natural resources, the coming of the internet, tech-related jobs, and the manufacturing and electronics industries have helped the state expand its economy and job markets steadily over the last three decades. If you have sent in your cover letter and are already looking for mixed-use insurance in the area for your home and your business, you might already be set in the job and booming economy department.

However, your significant other can take advantage of the many jobs Oregon has to offer, as well as your children when they’re old enough. Once you’ve talked to your hiring manager and the building owner of the residential unit you’re moving your family into, it’s an easy step to help your significant other find a job as well.

3. Four Seasons


According to which state you’re moving from, you may have only experienced winter and summer as seasons. In Oregon, you get the full experience of having four seasons a year, as nature intended to be. Make sure that you pack your snowshoes, raincoat, light jacket, heavy coat, and even your swimsuit and flip flops because you’ll get to enjoy every season there is living in Oregon. Not only that, but there’s so much to do in every season that you and your family will never get bored on the weekends again.

4. Nature


There is nothing like getting back to nature. You can do that with ease when you live in a state like Oregon. From hiking trails to visiting Mt. Hood for some winter skiing and from the many attractions to be seen to just lazing away in your own backyard looking at the stars, nature in Oregon is a sight to behold.

These are just a few of the best reasons to pick up stakes and move your family to Oregon. So get in touch with that hiring manager, finish that cover letter and make your dreams come true.

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