Are You Ready To Buy an RV?


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In the middle of a global pandemic, many people are looking to travel safely in ways that allow them to maintain social distance and be out in nature. One great way to do this is to travel in an RV. If you’re someone who enjoys adventure, is looking to get out into nature, and has some cash saved up, you could be ready to buy an RV. If you’re considering this exciting purchase, read on for ways to be sure RV travel is something you’d enjoy and whether you’re ready to buy your first RV.

Understanding RV Travel


Things have changed in the world of recreational vehicles in recent years. A growing community of digital nomads and people looking to live off the grid has made the average RV owner different from the typical mobile homeowner in the past. Instead of a retired community looking to chase sunsets in warm weather, the average RV owner now comes from every demographic and has different intentions and reasons for being on the road.

The global pandemic has meant more opportunities for remote work and learning, which, Eans that families are now opting for motorhomes. So, too, are those tied to the van life movement, where millennials are taking their adventures to major social media platforms. Whatever your reason is for wanting to be part of the home on wheels movement, there are things everyone living this alternative lifestyle has in common, as well as things they need to know.

To be ready for this big and exciting change, you’ll want to do your homework on things like insurance and warranties through America’s RV Warranty for extended coverage and to prevent nasty surprises on the side of the road, places you’ll stay, how you’ll make an income, and more. With a solid plan and learning all you can about this unique way of living ahead of time, you’ll be more ready to make that final purchase.

Types of RVs and Coverages


RVs come in three classes: A, B, and C. Class A RVs can include all the same amenities that a trailer has. From the ability to cook, do laundry, watch TV, sleep, shower, and use the bathroom on the road, people in the RV community refer to these luxury vehicles as traveling condos. Class B and C RVs are smaller and come with fewer options but still offer the ability to adventure with a home on wheels. When shopping for an RV, you’ll want to go into the experience with an idea of which class you’re looking for. Consider your travel plans when making this choice. If you’re someone who wants to explore cities, you’ll want to think about a smaller RV. If you plan to park only in RV parks or on public land, a Class A rig could be the ticket.

Once you know what type of RV you’re interested in, you’ll want to think about RV insurance and other expenses. Similar to car insurance, coverage options for RVs can vary. Take the time to call a motorhome insurance company to ask about comprehensive coverage on the specific vehicle you’re considering. Ask about coverage for property damage, state laws around coverage for travel trailers, and coverage for your belongings to give yourself peace of mind before making your motorhome purchase.

Affordable RVs and Travel Plans


While the RV lifestyle is generally less expensive than living in a brick-and-mortar or traditional home, the initial purchase of a recreational vehicle can be expensive. There are ways to save money on your motorhome purchase. Start by looking for alternative vehicle auctions, buy off-season, and always ask about discounts. Check local listings, Craigslist, and the many off-the-grid lifestyle groups online. Daily, people just like you post in these groups with tips, questions, and new vehicles for sale just waiting to hit the open road. Following these groups will give you a better idea if you’re ready to buy a new RV and even give you ideas about having a mechanic look over an older vehicle you’re considering. You’ll also find tips about cell phone coverage on the road, free places to camp, and the best parks in your country to lay down roots.

At the end of the day, buying an RV is a big purchase. That being said, the ability to move across your country safely, it can also open doors to exciting adventures. In taking your time researching the right RV for you, buying an RV could be exactly what you should do to escape pandemic fatigue and create some memories for you and your family.

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