Moving to Hawaii: The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning to an Island Lifestyle


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Moving to Hawaii is a dream that many people have, and while it’s a great idea, Hawaii is different than anywhere else you could choose to live. While there are many reasons to move to Hawaii, you need to be able to adjust to island life if you hope to fit in. In this article, you’ll find a few of the things you need to know and a few ways to adjust to island life once you get there.


You need to learn how to be “Aloha”

Aloha means hello and goodbye in Hawaii, but it’s also a way of life to the islanders. You need to learn to be Aloha if you hope to fit in. Aloha is all about love, peace, and tranquility. So, put on some of that island music, and visit Plainjane for hemp and CBD products to help you relax, become stress-free, and fit into the island you’re sure to love. Plain Jane is the leading authority and expert in CBD products and hemp for health, relaxation, and stress relief.

Get to know and support local businesses

If you’re going to live on the island and fit in. You need to get to know and support the local businesses in your area. For example, if you have problems with your appliances, you don’t want to go off the island for repairs. Instead, call in a reputable company such as Honolulu Appliance Repair Pro to take care of your appliance repair work instead. Whether it’s your dishwasher, stove, oven, fridge, or even your A/C or microwave, calling in the local businesses to take care of the appliance is the best way to get the job done right and support the businesses on the island you now call home.

You’re going to be surrounded by wildlife

Hawaii is filled with different types of wildlife. From birds, you’ve never seen before to whales, dolphins, and even the occasional turtle you’ll see on your way to work in the mornings, if you’re a nature lover this will be one of the best parts of being on the island. Make sure that you respect the wildlife in the area as the islanders do if you want to be accepted and able to call Hawaii home.

Know that surfing is hard—but practice makes perfect


You’re most likely going to want to take up surfing. Who wouldn’t on a gorgeous island like Hawaii? However, you need to know that surfing is hard and can be dangerous. Make sure that you get lessons and never, ever be out on the ocean alone, especially when you’re just learning.

In Hawaii, nature gives and nature takes

From amazing sunsets to stunning sunrises, gorgeous beaches, and hot weather, nature keeps on giving in Hawaii. However, that same nature can take back as well. There are volcanoes that ooze lava and can erupt, sharks that kill, and insects that bite. All of it is manageable, but you need to have a healthy respect for mother nature if you intend to live on the island. This means not building your home in the path of a volcano or lava flow and heeding warnings when swimming and surfing, pertaining to currents and shark activity in the area.

Hawaii is the perfect place to retire to or even settle in when you’re young and looking to relocate. However, it’s important to honor the traditions of the Hawaiian people, get to know the locals, and support the island the best you can.

These are just a few of the best ways to transition to island life when you decide to move to Hawaii. There are plenty of locals who will be willing to help you. You just have to ask.

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