How to Buy a Car for Your Next Summer Road Trip


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Perhaps nothing is more American or indicative of the warm months of summer than the road trip. Packing up your things in a van with friends or family members and hitting the open road can be as freeing as it is relaxing.

Whether you’re planning a cross country road trip to visit several of the major national parks in the country or just plan on going where the wind blows you and the road takes you, one thing’s for sure if you’re going to be taking a road trip: you’ll need a reliable vehicle. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you’re looking at vehicles to buy for your trip.

Prioritize comfort as you shop around

There’s more to shopping for a road trip vehicle than price. Of course, the less money you spend on a car for your trip, the more money you’ll have for souvenirs along your travels. That being said, if you aren’t comfortable during the days that you’re stuck behind the wheel or in a passenger’s seat, you’re unlikely to enjoy the places you stop at since you’ll want to spend more time stretching than sightseeing.

Comfort, of course, means different things for different groups of travelers. For example, if it’s just you and your spouse or a family of three, an SUV or hatchback could be spacious enough for all the occupants. On the other hand, larger families or groups of friends may prefer a van, especially on long trips where it’ll be nice to be able to stretch your legs without stopping at every rest area you come to. The ability to recline seats may also be critical if you plan on taking turns driving and sleeping in order to maximize your time on the road. Make sure to talk to each guest to see what’s going to make them have the most enjoyable trip so you can be sure to take their thoughts into consideration.

Consider storage space and what you’re going to be packing and wearing

Beyond comfort, having the right amount of cargo space is going to be pivotal when going on a road trip, especially if you’re going to be gone for a week or more. Space gets even tighter the more passengers you have coming with you, or if you’re going to be stopping at outdoorsy locations that require extra luggage like tents and sleeping bags or surfboards.

Keep this in mind as you’re shopping, and before you hit up that Chico’s summer sale. That being said, if you’re planning on documenting your trip along the way on social media, it doesn’t hurt to buy a few new outfits for your vacation. Chico’s has dozens of options when it comes to tees, capris, and more, so you can look cool and stay cool while you’re traveling in your new ride.

Save money on a vehicle using online car auctions

Once you’ve done your homework and determined what make and model seem like they’d be a good fit for your road trip, it’s time to buy the ride! One way to save on buying a car no matter what occasion you’re buying for is to take a look at online car auctions. A website like Auto Auction Mall lets you score great deals on cars through a bidding system instead of the way a traditional dealership operates.

Best of all, Auto Auction Mall’s website sources vehicles from all across the world, so you don’t have to worry about only being able to find the vehicle you’re interested in at one or two dealerships in town or a private sale. With a broader array of options and filters to let you search by condition and pricing, car shopping has never been easier. With all the money you save on your road trip vehicle, you’ll be able to truly enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

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