7 Rules for Sharing the Family Car


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Sharing a family car between several people may seem difficult, but anyone can do it with careful planning and open communication. Keep reading for some crucial things to consider before you start sharing a family vehicle.

Establish some ground rules.

It’s a good idea to establish rules for the car so everyone knows what’s expected of them. How often should the gas tank be filled? Who takes the vehicle to the shop for maintenance? Setting guidelines and sticking to them will help make the experience of sharing a car more comfortable.

Update your insurance.

When you decide to share a car between all your family members, make sure you’re all under your car insurance policy. If you need to add family members, contact your insurance company for coverage options.

If you don’t already have an insurance policy or you need a new one, there are several ways to find the best fit for your family. You can schedule a free consultation with an esteemed insurance company like State Farm, Liberty Mutual, or Progressive Advantage Agency.

You can look at coverage options through third-party insurers, too. To find car insurance with iSelect, all you have to do is enter your contact information and your zip code to find insurance companies near you.

Sync your calendars.

Life can get stressful with only one car, especially if everyone fights over who gets to use it all the time. To avoid arguments, sync up everyone’s calendars, so you know who is using the car and when. Many cell phones have a free calendar mobile app that you can easily link together, so no one is left wondering where the vehicle is. If you don’t keep a calendar through a mobile app, you can always reach out to your family with a phone call if you need to know whose turn it is to use the car.

Take turns doing maintenance.

If every family member shares the same car, it’s only fair to share in the maintenance, too. Set up a rotating schedule or take turns volunteering to do routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. It’s a good idea to keep it in good shape to avoid car accidents or damage, so giving everyone the shared responsibility will make it much more likely to last longer.

Make sure everyone cleans up after themselves after they use the car, too. Respect your family and the vehicle and take out any food, trash, or belongings you bring into the car with you.

Know the rules of the road.

Make sure everyone who will be driving the car is up to date on driving laws. Double-check that licenses and registrations are up to date, and everyone knows how to drive safely. You can stay informed on driving laws and news through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

Prepare everyone for emergencies.

In case someone does get into a car accident, make sure the whole family knows what to do in case of an emergency. Set up roadside assistance and keep the phone number to your insurance company in an accessible place.

Having insurance coverage will also help you in case of a car accident. If you do get into an automobile crash, a good car insurance policy will ensure that any medical expenses will be covered. They can also provide you with an Alabama auto accident attorney if you need one.


Communication is crucial if your family is going to share one car successfully. Whether you need to use the vehicle, you’re unhappy with the condition someone left the car in, or you have any other concerns, you should speak openly with your family. Keeping things to yourself will only make little issues a lot worse, so save yourself time and be honest with your family.

If you want to share one car with your whole family successfully, make sure you have rules set up, everyone drives safely and respects the vehicle, and communication is always open.

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