Should You Consider Moving to Seattle?


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Over the past decade, many people have begun working remotely, providing the freedom to live and raise a family anywhere they choose. With that in mind, many cities have become hot-spots for young people. One of these in Seattle. Known for its hip music and arts culture, as well as natural beauty and the great outdoors, Seattle is a welcoming place for young professionals and families alike. If you’ve been thinking about a move to the Evergreen State, here are a few great things to keep in mind, as well as some tips to help make the move easier.

Seattle Tips for Homeowners

Seattle is typically known for its rainy weather, although it’s not nearly as frequent as the reputation would suggest. However, natives will tell you right away that the city’s geographic latitude makes all four seasons clearly defined. During the summer months, the sunshine can last until 10:00 p.m., while the wintertime can be pretty dark and extremely cold. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to schedule your plans for the warmer times on your calendar.

If you’ve already started your search as a prospective homeowner, definitely look for key elements that will help your family get through the season. If possible, a working fireplace and chimney are ideal, but even so, be sure your thermostat is functional (a programmable thermostat is especially popular, as it can ease the burden of the energy bill), and make sure you have proper insulation throughout the windows, attic space, basement, and anywhere else susceptible to drafts and cold air leaks. Your inspection should always include a check of the heating system or furnace and water heater, especially if you’re moving into an older home. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises when the Seattle temperatures drop during the winter months. If you’re not sure what else to check for, ask your real estate agent for advice for winterizing houses.

Apartments and Rentals


If you’re looking for an apartment in Seattle, there are other options and things to keep in mind besides the weather, although the seasons will still play a part. Many renters try to coordinate their move to Seattle during the spring and summer, so apartment openings can be trickier to find. One popular idea is to scout for furnished apartments in Seattle, which can help ensure that your new home is already properly winterized and ready for the city’s seasonal shifts. Additionally, you’ll know upfront what your monthly heating bill should look like. Aside from the convenience of moving into a well-furnished space (which should also include a dishwasher, heater, and good water system), you may be able to get a good deal on all the included amenities. Homebuyers may have a tad more to look for, but a pre-furnished apartment usually comes in good shape and is well-equipped.

If an apartment or condo sounds right for you, it will still help to look at the many things Seattle has to offer right in your neighborhood. Aside from a thriving economy and highly ranked school system, Seattle has excellent public transportation for you and your family to get around.

Getting Back to Nature


Whether you’re moving with your whole family or starting a new life for yourself in Seattle, there are many wonderful ways to get back to nature. Hiking and camping are popular outside the city limits, and in addition to being an environmentally-friendly urban area, there is a local love of the great outdoors.

Since Seattle is surrounded by mountain ranges, lakes, the nearby Pacific shoreline, and even rainforests, there’s much to see if you venture outside. Stevens Pass and Snoqualmie are popular resorts where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding during those winter months, and rock-climbing is easily accessible at the world-famous Mount Rainier. During the summer, there are many beaches, and the Pacific is ideal for surfing and boating. Combining the natural beauty with the hip urban culture of Seattle’s city limits, a new resident will never run out of activities to discover.

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