How to Start a Food Truck in Seattle


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Starting a food truck business is a big commitment, but it’s one that can be incredibly rewarding. It’s a particularly smart business venture now because of the ways in which the restaurant industry has changed due to the pandemic. Having a brick-and-mortar stationary restaurant can be difficult to keep running now due to health and safety concerns.

Many restaurants, especially one’s that are locally owned, were hit incredibly hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Being able to take your restaurant and its cuisine to your customers is a great way to build a strong business. A food truck allows you to maintain social distancing while still efficiently running a kitchen. The following are some great tips for anyone looking to start a food truck business in the Seattle and greater PNW area.

Finding the Right Equipment

It’s hard to deny that one of the most important parts of having a successful restaurant is building a high-quality kitchen. Having the best tools and supplies available goes a long way when it comes to making superior cuisine. The only problem is that restaurant equipment is often incredibly pricey. If you’re starting a food truck in Seattle and looking to find affordable mobile kitchen supplies, a good place to start is searching online for “restaurant equipment Seattle” to see the top options.


The Restaurant Warehouse is considered the top restaurant supply store in the city of Seattle. They provide all the restaurant supplies a commercial kitchen could need for a low price. The Restaurant Warehouse is committed to helping restaurants in the Seattle area thrive. They offer everything from refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers to glassware, small wares, and disposables.

They have been serving local deli, restaurant, and bakery owners in Seattle since 2015 with their online store. With the help of their affordable pricing options, you can find the perfect ovens and stoves your food truck needs to be successful on the road. The Restaurant Warehouse also offers warranties and financing options to ensure they can properly serve any Seattle business that needs commercial kitchen equipment.

Researching Your Market

Being aware of your target audience as well as your local market is absolutely crucial when it comes to running a successful food truck business. It’s critical that you take your time researching local demographics and the interests of the public. This makes it possible for you to design a unique restaurant with distinctive dishes, while also catering to the already established preferences of people in your area. You can use your research to elevate and build upon what’s already around you, and your business will have an edge because of its physical mobility.

Crafting a Solid Menu

Another crucial part of the process when it comes to creating a food truck business is drafting a distinctive and concise menu that your customers will love. When your kitchen is mobile, it’s important not to overwhelm your staff—and your storage space—with a large menu that requires tons of varied ingredients. Keeping your menu small and simple is a great way to perfect the dishes your food truck offers and make a bigger impact on your customers.


Once you determine the type of cuisine your food truck will be serving, it’s important to test and rework the dishes you will be putting on your permanent menu. The best way to determine which dishes will be the most successful is to try menu-tasting events with both your employees and local customers.

Another great part about running a food truck business with a smaller menu is that you can frequently circulate through different menu items. This way your options stay fresh for your customers, but you can still offer your classic items on a regular basis.

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