3 Tips for Moving Your Scottsdale Salon to a New Location


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Successful business owners perform extensive industry research before they ever open their doors. Their industry research helps them determine how to set their company apart from competitors and appeal to clients other service providers have overlooked.

Many businesses shut down each year. Failing to connect with clients can make the difference between success and failure, and your location can affect your ability to reach clientele. Your salon may struggle if it’s hard for your ideal clients to access your facilities. You may be looking for a business venue in a better location, one that’s closer to public transit, or a location with better features, such as more parking spaces. Moving can be an effective way to revitalize your business. Whatever your reasons for making a move, using the tips explored here will ensure you successfully relocate your salon.

1. Hire professionals to help you with every step of the moving process


Work with a local real estate agent to find a suitable business location. Realtors help clients buy or rent properties. They review contracts and negotiate agreements, ensuring you get the best deal possible on any venue you opt to buy or rent.

Hire professional movers to transport your belongings. Scottsdale movers offer a certified estimate for your job, ensuring you aren’t surprised by hidden fees or unexpected costs. Contract a moving company offering packing services to simplify the relocation process. The moving company’s team can provide the packing supplies and box up items for transport. You won’t have to deal with truck rentals or finding people to help you load and unload the vehicle. You won’t have to drive a large moving vehicle through Scottsdale, either. Professional movers handle long-distance and local moves, ensuring a smooth move to your new location.

2. Add some pizzazz to your new venue


Invest in new equipment to set your new venue apart. You can simplify your move by selling old chairs, mirrors, and furnishings and installing new barber chairs, salon chairs, and mirrors. Installing a mirror with LED lights at each styling station in your salon ensures clients enjoy the benefits of mirrors with LED lights. LED lights don’t generate heat or produce ultraviolet radiation, ensuring you offer customers an environment that’s comfortable and safe. Add makeup mirrors for makeup stations and vanity lights in your bathroom to complete the look.

Installing new equipment is a great way to impress existing clients and appeal to new customers when you have your grand reopening after your move. You can also add other fixtures, such as curtain rods, wall-mounted shelves, and ceiling lights.

3. Promote your new location


It doesn’t matter how great your new location is if nobody knows about it. Businesses that relocate should spend weeks promoting their move before their scheduled reopening. For long-standing clients, your move is a significant event, and you must treat it that way. Post signs in your location and distribute flyers to existing clients. Use your business newsletter and social media accounts to circulate information about your upcoming move.

Your moving information should identify the date your current location closes and when your business opens in its new location. You should also prominently feature your new address. Update your business website with this information.

You can make your salon’s reopening a significant event by offering special deals and incentives to entice people to check out your new salon on opening day. Hire a local band to perform or distribute coupons for discounted services during your first week in your new location. You could hire a marketing team to develop a reopening strategy and promote your reopening, ensuring a successful launch in your new location.

Moving your salon can be a daunting task. Work with moving industry experts to simplify your move. Invest in new furniture and fixtures for your new location. Work with marketing experts, promote your move, and plan a reopening event to entice current and new clients to check out your new salon location.

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